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Packaging Design

Seeking packaging solutions to suit your business isn't only about aesthetic suitability. Often the decision comes down to the effectiveness and appropriateness of the packaging rather than it looking highly creative. Effective packaging design, at the same time, is also more about how suitable the materials are and how efficient the external and internal dimensions are in order to make the most of the space you wish to create. Your business needs reliable, effective and efficient packaging before it needs aesthetics.

Chilled packaging

When it comes to the search for packaging solutions which are able to meet you business's requirements for temperature control, S L Packaging's Insulated Boxes are not only reliable and sturdy, they are also extremely thermally efficient, without being bulky, heavy, or difficult to manage.

While it is vital that packaging is thermally insulated to ensure it stays at low temperatures for extended periods, it is also important for packaging to be strong, reliable, but also not overly heavy. Heavy packaging increases the overall cost of shipping, which, in turn, reduces your profit. Poor insulation means that your products will arrive with the customer in conditions which they are not suited for; often leaving customers with an immediate and long-lasting negative impression of your business. It is imperative that all of these conditions are considered when looking for chilled packaging solutions.

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