Concrete Cube

Concrete Reinforcing Mesh

Construction materials are always evolving to meet new demands. We're developing new aggregates that combine advanced technologies, new compounds to aid strength, flexibility, self-repair, and water content management, and new methods that tackle the difficulties in laying concrete in different conditions and situations. Though, with that being said, concrete reinforcement is one area that is still dominated by the use of steel mesh and rebar in increasing the lateral strength of concrete slabs, joins, columns, piles, and beams.

The future?

Concrete reinforcing mesh is one such material that is so good at what it does at the price point it is built to, that to beat this material it is going to take a revolutionary development, or a forced switch. It looks like the only way this is really going to change is if steel increases in price to a level that is uneconomical, or if a material is developed that is equal in it's abilities, and yet cheaper to incorporate.


So there it is. mesh reinforcement, used in slabs, and particularly raft foundations, is the past, present, and future of construction. Steel wire mesh is just that good.